Flyway, Winter 2021-22 Issue


Four Poems | Michael Walsh

Two Poems | Katie Hartsock

High Desert Glossary | Catherine Jagoe

Ode To Plant Momdom | L. Renée

Excerpts from ‘Atlas’ | Glenn Bach

Three Poems | Kathryn Winograd

Decommissioning the Humboldt Bay Power Plant | Katy Gurin

Columbarium | John MacNeill Miller

Night Letters | Julie Swarstad Johnson

Two Poems | Todd Robinson


Geographic Death | Alex Checkovich

Skating Through the Ages | Kristen Paulson-Nguyen

Abash the Little Bird | Michael Putnam


Henry David’s Visitor | Betty J. Cotter

In the Karakum Desert | Jerri Jerreat

Visual Art

Dream of Life | Nancy Gesimondo

Motor | Guilherme Bergamini

On Interconnection: Climate Collage Postcards | Jennifer Case

Launching into the Currency of Life | Christine Morro

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