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our first title

For over twenty years, our literary journal on the ISU campus, Flyway: Journal of Writing and Environment, has published the short literary work (poems, stories, essays) of national and international writers. In March of 2020, right before the news of the pandemic became a reality for all of us, our editorial team received an unusual story from an Irish writer, Mark Mulholland.

The editors felt that showcased in book form, as a middle-grade reader. We set to work hiring a book designer, Christine Kettner, based in NYC, and an illustrator, the multi-talented Dorothia Rohner, whose Painted Wings Studio is just outside of Ames, Iowa. For the last year, the team of Flyway editors, working over zoom with these dedicated book artists spread around the world, were able to bring this small and delightful book into the world—a story for all ages.

Will Iniskeen ever be the same? An intergalactic traveling Moo Cow named Elnorvow arrives in an Irish village one ordinary day to take tea at Meegan’s Pub with the landlady, Mrs. Margaret-Mary Meegan, and discuss the philosophy of life and the magnificence of the cosmos with Billy Daly, the village school principal. Elnorvow thrills the school children and raises the suspicions of the police chief and the town postmistress before departing, as he came, on his flying bicycle with his blue shoulder bag trailing behind him.

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our future plans

A Moo Cow Came Traveling is our first published book. In the future, we hope to publish more small projects that sing and insist on making a place for themselves in the world. We are not accepting book proposals at this time, but please stay in touch.

In the meantime, continue to support us by reading our journal and submitting your work to Flyway: Journal of Writing & Environment.