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Artist Statement: In a contemporary environment seemingly dominated by irony and addiction to the immediacy of mass-produced imagery, I find myself increasingly drawn to technique. I am interested in establishing a dialogue between societal norms and expectations, technological advance, and the more traditional aspects of my artistic practice.

Voided Spaces‘ does not establish a strict, journalistic record of experience. Instead, project imagery attempts to describe individual impressions as re-imagined through the unpolished lens of memory.

Troth‘ illustrates strength and unity through shared commitment.  

Symbiosis‘ celebrates harmony in contrasting properties—individual qualities made stronger by the collaborative sum of their unique parts.

Common themes from ‘In(ex)teriors‘ and my other diorama work include the passage of time (implicit unease in its banality), and intangible expectation of an undefined event. Specifics are often intentionally vague and dependent upon individual interpretation.

Artist Bio: Robert Matejcek obtained his BA in Art from Fontbonne University in St. Louis, Missouri. Robert’s work, a combination of traditional and new media, has been exhibited both nationally and internationally. Originally from North Dakota, Robert currently resides with his wife and their three guinea pigs in Boise, Idaho.

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