ArtSpring/Summer 2023

Badfuta — Visual Art

Artist Statement

I try to make my art in the spirit of Lorca’s Duende. In this pursuit, I’ve found such masters as Giacometti and Burri. Giacometti is a master at molding his inner anxieties into form. Burri is a master at taking his haunted memories as a surgeon during WWI and shaping them into simulacra. They seem to be working from opposite ends–Giacometti towards an image of his anxiety and Burri back to the traumas that began them. The Duende is the unrelenting emotion that feeds this discourse between artist and medium.

“Christ” came about in a flurry: quick pencil sketch, quicker pen outline, and then the colors. At the time, I was dealing with a lot of change because of my transition–it was like a second puberty but flooded with memories of the first one. The weird part was getting shoved in the closet by my parents at such a young age left me afraid art was part of the problem–that doing the things that made me happy back then would also lead me to transition, so when I did start my transition, my art was born again as well.

 Artist Bio

Badfuta is a self-taught artist residing in the United States. She is currently featured in Blood Orange Review, Grim & Gilded and Red Noise Collective.

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The author: Debra Marquart