ArtWinter 2021-2022

Launching into the Currency of Life — Christine Morro

Artist’s Statement

Autumn 2020 I rented a small cottage on Cape Cod ‘to reclaim a large area of peace in myself. ‘ During our time of global disruption the intention was to revitalize my creative spirit as a return to wholeness, to fall in love with earth as a way back to life. I organized a ’shelter in place’ retreat for five weeks. My focus was on exploring the landscape of coastal New England. A collection of poetry had been in the works since 2019 and was tugging at me. I packed a few notebooks, my Fuji camera, a small teakwood pinhole camera and 120 film.

Retreat became an act of devotion, a return to the natural world for inspiration, to ’Let life in’. It was an opportunity to look closely and listen deeply ~ not to run from nor ignore but make contact with the vital living systems of our earth namely the coastal terrain and waters, tidal flats, bogs, woodlands, seabirds and seals from Brewster to Wellfleet Massachusetts. A sense of awe stirred new life. I began to learn something of resilience and engaged hope in the midst of uncertainty. To encounter again the sacred through the invitation to trust life’s organization.

Our creativity moves us beyond the world of our immediate knowing with a sense of wonder and curiosity…this is exactly where i needed to be…beyond the limiting constricting space of fear. The photographs I have shared are from experiencing the world through the senses they are a reflection of this reclamation of peace.

In Wildness We Trust

Christine Morro is a photographer and poet whose writing and images are informed by landscape, ecology and relationship to place. The practices of deep listening and slow seeing are invitations into the lyrical and often mysterious qualities evocative in her work. She is a longtime practitioner of buddhist meditation. For Christine art is a devotional practice, the quality of how she shows up is as important as the work itself. Her photographs and poetry have appeared in literary journals, publications, anthologies and exhibitions world-wide.

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