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Public Voices – Kristina Shook

Public Voices evolved from conversations and encounters I overheard during the seven years that I lived in three cities, working at various short-term jobs and taking public transportation. I heard people saying the funniest, most painful and strangest things. Often their screams of rage and confessions resonated with me because of my own confusion, doubt, and the sense of real failure that I was experiencing.

I began writing down these comments to stop myself from dropping into a well of depression and to help me keep moving. By doing this, I realized that maybe, just maybe, I was in the right place at the right time as an artist and human being.

Artist Statement: Kristina Shook is a performance artist and writer, with a multi-racial identity, and graduated from Sarah Lawrence College on full-scholarship. I have a Masters from the American Film Institute.

Kristina Shook’s performances are on YouTube (shookperformances) and Instagram (shookperformances). You can enjoy more of her insightful work at

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