ArtSpring/Summer 2023

Ryo Kajitani — Visual Art


Garden of Prayer 2019


“Gentle Afternoon”


Artist Statement

All forms of artwork hold a historical role.

It is the “sustainability across era” where the work is preserved and exhibited even after its creator has passed away.

The work has been entrusted with the historical functions of “watching over and giving.”

As long as work is stored and displayed appropriately after an artist passes away; work will continue with possible future possibilities to watch over the era on a macroscopic eye level.

It reaches the social sleep rising above the artist’s sleep; artwork puts such time and space into eternity.

In that sense, the space of my work is equal to the space of prayer.

“Garden-of-prayer (2019)” reimagined into “Garden-of-prayer (2023)” is a series of mixed-media that utilizes hand-rendered drawings as its base, partial collage photographs.

Employing partial machine learning to photographs into an original dataset, generating and incorporating fictional vegetation patterns and objects (E.g., yachts) on canvas.

These elements are then collaged into the drawing, as if being absorbed by the line drawings.

Through these compositions, one can observe the harmonious coexistence of technology and the natural erosion process, witnessing the manifestation of a digital nature.


Artist Bio

Ryo Kajitani is a queer artist and art model based in Tokyo, Japan.

Trained in oil-based woodcut printmaking at Tama Art University (2010-2014).

And later focused her Ph.D. research on the possibility of implementing ontological aesthetics, especially Heidegger’s theory of art in exhibition spaces and artistic activities (2016-2019).

After completing his studies at the graduate level, she resumed her work as an art model and is currently creating mixed analog and digital collage prints using printmaking techniques and machine learning while simultaneously practicing design.

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The author: Debra Marquart