ArtSpring 2020

Three Photos – Olivia DelGandio

Artist Statement:

One of my greatest sources of inspiration comes from travel and the earth itself. I find passion in movement and I attempt to photograph the striking environment that comes with a new location. The purpose of these photos was to solidify a moment that would soon be gone. I don’t stay in these places long but by capturing a piece of the land that caught my eye – something that will forever serve as a reminder of this place that I once was – I can keep the experience close. These photos, taken in Iceland, Italy, and New York serve as a reminder of not only where I was, but of who I was one when I was there.

Olivia is an undergrad student studying sociology with a background in visual art. She finds inspiration in nature, travel, and the inner workings of society. Although her medium of choice often fluctuates between photography, painting, and textiles, the thing that never changes is her desire to convey an emotion or an important moment through her art.


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