Transience – Kimberly Jones

Artist Statement

The spaces I photograph are in flux, with elements of either construction or decay. New structures replace natural landscapes while older man-made structures are reclaimed by nature. Transience is a series of images which emerged from antithetical emotions of both enthusiasm and uncertainty. These emotions dominate my life and I often find myself caught in a whirlpool of irresolution. My solitary form is fleeting, anxiously shifting in the scene. By taking long exposures on a 4×5 field camera, I document a transience which persists in both the physical world and my own. I slow down and examine my muddled thoughts while attempting to ground them to ephemeral surroundings. The only constant is change, in the name of Progress.

Artist Statement I use when describing my work as a whole: (Can see other series here –

My photographs are rooted in the study of self and I examine my experiences and perceptions in a visceral way to sift through meanings. I draw inspiration from my surroundings, attempting to capture fluctuations in both my environment and my psyche. Elements of transition are also explored through a layering process to reveal a self-realization. Reminiscent of other artist whose images question identity and self, such as Nikki S. Lee, Francesca Woodman, and Kelli Connell, I deconstruct and reform my identity before the camera. Through aesthetics, dualistic emotions are evoked; loss and uncertainty are paralleled with those of comfort and familiarity.

I manipulate images in a multi-disciplined manner as I explore these dynamics. Stemming from an interest in compositing various art forms, I often begin with photography as the root of an exploration and integrate it with other mediums as the project expands. The surrealist artists, writers, and film makers have also been a source of inspiration. My compositions are structured to reveal a mediation on my subconscious. Working primarily with a muted color palette allows my images to retain a soft, ethereal quality and to reference the subliminal and impulsive. My work aims to narrate a transformation and serves as a reminder that change is resolute.


Artist Bio: Kimberly Jones is an emerging artist based in San Antonio, Texas. She received her MFA in Studio Art from Louisiana State University in 2015. Interested in cross-disciplinary dialogue, her work spans multiple media and she has collaborated with poets, musicians, and movement artist. Kimberly’s work has been selected twice as a finalist for ArtMelt, a finalist for the Hunting Art Prize, and a semi-finalist for Adobe Design Achievement Awards. Her work has been exhibited around Texas and Louisiana.

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