2018 Best of the Net Nominations

Over the last month, our team of editors happily and diligently read through our previous issues, and we are excited to announce our 2018 Best of the Net Nominations in Fiction, Poetry, and Non-Fiction.

Kamil Ahsan – “It Skipped a Generation”
Jess E. Jelsma – “Stray”

Daneen Bergland – “Exit Strategy”
Anna Cathenka – “B Ursus Majoris, The Loins of the Bear,” “The Grizzly Bear Has a Wife,” and “Ultrasound”
Carolyn Norr – “Sinkhole”
Ben Swimm – “Teaching My Students to Kill Chickens”

Deborah Thompson – “Unearthed Worms”
Beth Peterson – “Theory of World Ice”

Join us in congratulating each of these writers and don’t forget to check out their work!

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