Fall 2019Poetry

Bakelite on the Beach – Sarah E N Kohrs

A trickling cascade of kombucha               with its twanging
like tart wine settles in a crystal cup,        soda-bubbling
at the edges. Light sparkles on the           surface;

foams to tickle your lips. I walk                 and sip
and pick up chalky shells, opaline,           amethyst,
rust-hued, too. But I barely see past        worn bits

of polymers more plentiful than               potsherds
at a dig site. Guitar picks, bottle                caps, tampon
applicators, flip-flops for sand-                  blasting into

mammoth forms. I hoist a conch              ear-
ward: microplastics spill out like                glitter in a globe,
its watery orb broken long ago—              a womb

in menopause that weeps under a           sky-quilt,
whose seams deny the world light.          Patchworks
splattered with fermented tea                   forgotten

by a sea, forgotten. Waveforms                continue to crash,
encouraged by the pallid moon.               A moon sulking over
man’s sateen netting of artificial               stars.

Stars so far away. When they fall,             skipping like
stones, angled 20-degrees, I imagine       bits knapped off
to sink below a sky-mirror with                 mottled silvering.

How do we distinguish stars from            glitter?
How do we scoop up a googolplex           of specks
that mimics ivory and has ocean fish       outnumbered?

Sarah E N Kohrs is a potter, photographer, and writer, with poetry most recently in Crosswinds Poetry Journal, Rattle’s Poets Respond, Raven Chronicles, Watershed Review, and the winnow. Sarah has a teaching license, endorsed in Latin and Visual Arts, and homeschools her three sons, as well as directs Corhaven Graveyard, a historic burial ground for formerly enslaved Americans, and manages The Sow’s Ear Poetry Review. SENK lives in Shenandoah Valley, Virginia, kindling hope where it’s needed most. http://senkohrs.com.

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