Almost Nothing – Darin Wahl


Artist Statement

This collection entitled “Almost Nothing” explores spaces that are seemingly desolate, yet bear the evidence or presence of humanity. This set of photos, from Canada, Argentina, and western China are part of an ongoing exploration of the idea of distance and connection to place. Distance has many measures, by miles, or time, or from safety, from comfort, from the known.


Artist Bio

Darin Wahl is a sustainability scientist, teacher, wandering photographer and aspiring storyteller. His work is an exploration of the human-environment interface and the struggles of these intertwined worlds to live and thrive. Darin had a career as a high school math and social studies teacher in New York and New Jersey. He is now working toward his Ph.D. His scientific endeavors are rooted in complexity and connection, focusing on extreme events, change dynamics, transformative capacity, and risk reduction. He is a lifelong traveler, and his photography both inspires and is inspired by his deep curiosity about the natural and human worlds and the sense of place created in their intersection.

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