Multiverse – Ariel González Losada

Artist Statement

“I believe that there are possible worlds other than the one we happen to inhabit”

David Lewis, 1973

Every work of art is the result of a complex process of choosing between multiple worlds over an infinity of other possible worlds, while the actualization of each world opens a new whole universe that contains it. Then those possible non-actualized worlds, far to falling in the absolute not-being, start to generate a kind of ontological sediment that dwell in a patient latency state.

Created from lines, strokes and calligraphic gestures, the works gathered here under the title of “Multiverse” present us, by virtue of the interaction between differents elements, a multiversal topology that someway materializes the possible and simultaneous spatio-temporal existence of different worlds. 

Thus, in works such as “Babel” and “La Ciudad de los Inmortales,” based on mythical architectures and imaginary cities, purely imaginary materials interact beside elements taken from the reality of large urban environments; real architectural conglomerates that present to the attentive observer an aesthetic spectacle as much or even more horrifying than the one that offers the fascinating non-sense constructions of the immortal Borgean architects.

In “Celestial Mechanics” coexist elements taken from the graphic representations of a universe understood as a grandiose machinery of cosmic watchmaking, such as conceived by the scientific paradigm of modernity, to elements and dynamic behaviors closer to the spirit of the contemporary universe dominated by huge forces in struggle and quantum singularities, which presents debate between a traumatic big crunch and an irreversible heat death. Finally, in “Manifesto,” multiple lines and gestures integrate into a more homogeneous texture, dominated almost exclusively by asemic calligraphic gestures that interact, overlap, and form zones of high and low density.





Artist Bio: Ariel González Losada is a composer and visual artist. He was born in Buenos Aires, the city in which he currently resides and develops his professional activity. As a composer, his musical works have been played by many ensembles and soloists. As a visual artist, his works have been  presented in collective exhibitions such as Centro Cultural del Banco de Brasil, Rio de Janeiro, AC Institute, New York, and various graphic magazines in Argentina and across the world.

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The author: Debra Marquart