ArtWinter 22-23

Jennie MacDonald | Five Photographs



Artist Statement

I believe in a sense of beauty that is not always the same as loveliness; it is deep and whole unto itself; it is suffused with its own truth. My photos range in aesthetic from realism to artistic revision and in subject from the natural world to cultural artifacts to creative exploration.


Artist Bio

Award-winning writer and photographer Jennie MacDonald’s photographs have been featured in 3Elements Literary Review, The Esthetic Apostle, Typehouse Literary Review, and others. More images can be seen at her Fine Art America page and on Instagram. Photographing nature is a lifelong passion, and documenting the human impact on wildlife and the environment has become a major focus in Jennie MacDonald’s work. Other publications include short stories, an anthology, and articles concerning visual and material culture.


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The author: Debra Marquart