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Winter 22-23

Winter 2022 – 2023 | Table of Contents

Outside Issue | Guest Edited by Romeo Oriogun



Hope Coulter | Sevenfold Goodbye

Brittney Corrigan | Whale Shark Spots

Radha Marcum | Two Poems

Sara Ryan | Two Poems

Jeremy Rock | Two Poems

Mark Simpson | Tongue Lick of Flame

Gerry Sloan | Mother Goose Revisited

Erin Elizabeth Smith | Two Poems

Nell Smith | What Comes Next



Lois Beardslee | Peregrine Falcon Fighter Jets

Amy Boyd | Walking the Flight Path

Megan Ewald | Recipes from the Heartland

Kate L. Frazer | Images Underground: Pictures of Invisible Places

Charlotte Taylor Fryar | Swimming in the Tidal Basin

Evan J Massey | Mother Goddess of the World



Amber Burke | Lights Out

Lauren Woods | Domestication


Visual Art

Jennie MacDonald | Five Photographs



Zara Chowdhary | Interviews Author Bathsheba Demuth

Aimee Burch | Interviews Writer & Runner Jacqueline Alnes


Book Reviews

Zachary Calhoun | The Unexpected Empathy in Cormac McCarthy’s The Passenger | A Review Essay

Zoe Fay-Stindt | Reviews Forrest Gander’s Twice Alive

Kelli Fitzpatrick | Reviews Alex DiFrancesco’s All City

Leah VanSyckel | Reviews Stephen J. Pyne’s The Pyrocene: How We Created an Age of Fire, and What Happens Next

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