ArtSpring 2018

Backyard Photographs – Roger Camp

Artist Statement: 

I discovered that my own little postage stamp of native soil was worth writing about and that I would never live long enough to exhaust it.  – William Faulkner

In a now famous interview in The Paris Review Faulkner made a statement which has stayed with me throughout the years. As a teacher of photography I used to quote it to my students in an effort to encourage them to photograph in their own back yards while pointing out to them that travel to exotic lands wasn’t necessary in order to make strong images. If you spend much time in nature or in my case, a suburban garden, the natural world begins to impose its rhythms upon one. Change is the norm. This series captures little vignettes of life across Seal Beach, California, USA.

Artist Bio: Roger Camp is the author of three photography books including the award winning Butterflies in Flight, Thames & Hudson, 2002 and Heat, Charta, Milano, 2008. His work has appeared in numerous journals including The New England Review, New York Quarterly, and North American Review. He considers his first serious photograph to have been taken at the age of ten when he climbed a pine tree to photograph Yosemite Falls from a different point of view.


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