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Beyond the Paralyzed Cyclops – Nelson Lowhim

Artist Statement: Flawed ape with flawed protoplasm, usually trying hard to prove one ape smashing a keyboard can provide insight for other apes. Now I’m trying to move away from the abstract and perfect singular shot which, as David Hockney states, is little more than the perspective of a paralyzed cyclops for a split second.

How, then, to move away from that, move away from the limitation of time and, ultimately, how do we better encapsulate a memory? An experience?

Here we have the multiple shots from one place (though one might add they are little more than a bed-ridden cyclops looking about) it does expand the previous view. Or we can experience the entire Seattle sky, clouds moving. Or the experience of an entire day. What about mixing the visual with what’s heard over a long period of time? We’re still moving away from multiple cyclops but now we’re adding sensory depth to the experience.

Artist Bio: 

Lowhim has been published in Omni, LA review of LA, Nine Line Anthology, Afterwords, Vet Lit, the Mantle and soon to be in Dead Mule School of Southern Literature. Born in the plains of Tanzania, he picked up his first pen at the age of two and chewed. He’s progressed much since then. Life would throw him around from India to frigid Michigan. Soon he was hitchhiking the mountains of the American West, where the local outlaws kept his journal full of color. It wasn’t long before he joined the US Army and was injected into detritus of Babylon as an infantryman and an engineer in 5thSFG. Released upon the world, he attended Columbia University. He graduated and moved to the Bronx and has since been penning some of the most ambitious novels this side of that Pluto rock. Lowhim currently lives with his fiance in Spokane. You can visit his blog at: And you can sign up for his books deals here:

His novels are: Labyrinth of Souls, When Gods Fail (the series), The Struggle Trilogy, Tree of Freedom, and CityMuse


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