ArtSpring 2018

Woven Histories – Paige Holzbauer

Artist Statement: My current work requires the integration of statically data, social and ethnic transformation from city, inner and out suburban migrations. Faced with challenges of a journalist’s obligation to factual documentation, semantics of language, I attempt to earn my poetic license. I do so through collapsing the differences through firsthand accounts of St. Louis Metro, outer/inter-ring white suburbanites and urban black city/county urbanites. I highlight the issues of these areas using images and coded color, in a way to directly bring attention and show what is, hoping that sheer volumes of images lead to a call for change.

Artist Bio: My work explores storytelling and color relationships to convey language. I depict snapshots of a story, using negative space and colors to create a story, utilizing color to create my own language, with references to culture local to St. Louis. Police union blue, caution tape red, and both Cardinal (baseball) and Anheuser-Busch red are some the examples of my canon of color, weaving connections between editions of prints and sculptures that at first glance have no relation.

I like to think of my work as fiercely inquisitive yet poetically sly. My humor can be self-critical, inviting viewers forward to look a little longer, think a little clearer. Because of my background in art history and as a researcher, I seek out multiple sources, drawing on theory, social and art histories, current art practices as well as referencing multiple insights across disciplines and walks of life.

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