ArtWinter 2021-2022

Dream of Life — Nancy Gesimondo


Paths That Cross

Artist’s Statement

My work is an exploration of materials found in nature that results in new visceral narratives. Imaginal landscapes and hybrid specimens emerge from the juxtaposition of feathers, shells, seedpods, semi-precious stones and other found materials.

The afterlife of the natural materials, often remnants of once living creatures, aim to suggest the sense of mystery and folly of an archeologist assembling vestiges of a distant past with no true reference of their origin. I allow the materials to inform the context and encourage the viewer to search for meaning beyond the surface.

The use of dried seedpods and other ephemeral materials suggests fecundity and sustainability in the age of the Anthropocene. Semi-precious stones, rocks and crystal formations reference geological time, as well as metaphysical properties associated with crystals.

The delicate fragments imbue the assemblages with an ethereal quality that draws attention to the preciousness of life. Memento Mori is an undercurrent theme in my work.

Nancy is a 2020 grant recipient from The Queens Council on the Arts for the production of new work.

She has exhibited her assemblages nationally and internationally, including the Annual Juried Exhibition at The Queens Museum curated by Holly Solomon, and in the Palm Springs Art Museum curated by Alma Ruiz. Her work is held in private collections throughout the U.S. as well as in Germany and France. Nancy is also a three-time recipient of the Openings Collective Summer Residency in Lake George, NY.

As a curator Nancy has curated group exhibitions in alternative art spaces nationally and internationally.

Her current project, Access Studio, is an artist interview series that airs on public television stations throughout NYC as well as on YouTube. In 2021 during the series first year in production Nancy was awarded the B-Artistic Award from BRIC, Brooklyn Free Speech public television.



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