Wooden Man – Bob Orsillo

Artist Statement

The Wooden Man is a noir photography series that explores a day in the life of an wooden man. Puppet-like hands and motion suddenly take on a life of their own when placed in startling new context. Light and shade also heavily add to its implication. It’s an artistic expression of space and ambience, used to show how character can be imbued into what is essentially a man made of a tree stump.

Artist Bio: Bob Orsillo has been a professional photographer, artist and filmmaker for more than four decades. His work is published and exhibited internationally, with gallery representation in seven countries. Twice nominated for World Press Photographer of the Year, Bob won critical acclaim for his films Incarceration and Mirror Puppets. His fine art paintings and fine art photographs are often seen in feature films and popular television shows.

​Amongst these are:

London Salon Medal
ASC Gold Medal
ASC Bronze Trophy
Five Continent Collection
Exhibit: Andy Warhol Gallery
Exhibit: War & Peace GSPA
Exhibit: Environmental Concerns GSPA
Exhibit: Sex & Sexisum GSPA

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The author: Debra Marquart