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I Know I Think Too Much – Gaurvi Sharma

Artist Statement

“I love creating whimsical versions of my everyday experiences. I believe that every child is an artist and is born with an ability to see things differently. But society conditions him/her and takes away their abilities. Thanks to my parents, I survived the brainwash. A simple act of visiting a different city, a morning jog to the park, a small visit to my mum’s place, a gentle monsoon shower, my struggles with daily chores and so on – everything stimulates me to create what I make.

The visuals that Gaurvi Sharma creates are a reaction to her everyday experiences. She had always been interested in drawing but discovered her fascination for collages while living in Japan. The importance of paper and recycling in the Japanese culture inspired her to explore collage making and has been working in this medium for more than 7 years now. 

For Gaurvi, the whole process is ever evolving, as the exploration of different visuals and textures always gives her a new dimension in the thought process. Her recent works revolve around the new phase of the artist’s life – motherhood. She has been full of emotions; fears, insecurities, anxiety and love, which form the core of her work. For her, expressing these emotions through this ‘piece by piece’ process is very therapeutic. 

Artist Bio: Born in 1979, Gaurvi Sharma completed her MFA in Painting from Jamia Millia Islamia, New Delhi in 2003, and her BFA from the Govt. College of Art Chandigarh in 2001. The artist’s group shows include ‘Orient 2010’ at Orient Japan Center, supported by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Japan (2010); ‘Popular Reality’, Jam Jar in Dubai (2009); ‘Popular Reality’ at Seven Art Limited, New Delhi (2008); ‘Design Festa’ at Tokyo Wondersite, Japan (2008); ‘Team Un-teamed’ organized by Art Konsult, New Delhi (2005); ‘Prarambh’, Lalit Kala Gallery, New Delhi (2002); ‘Women Empowerment’ organized by the Haryana Government at Krishi Bhawan Art Gallery, Chandigarh (2002); and the exhibition at “Rock Garden”, Chandigarh on its Silver Jubilee (2001).

Gaurvi’s works have been shown at the Asia Contemporary Art Show in Hong Kong in 2014. She has also participated in a community art project at Khoj, New Delhi in 2012 and in AIFACS 2003, New Delhi.

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